March 4, 2011 § Leave a comment

Just before Christmas I decided that I needed a burst of inspiration and a change of scene so I took myself to Berlin for a week over New Year. I visited the city last February with college, however there was so much I didn’t get a chance to explore, including the underground nightlife, so I was keen to go again and really make the most of my time there. I had been set a project at college, which played a big role in my decision to go, as I was really taken aback by the incredible street art I saw last time, so I structured my shoots around trying to capture a small portion of the amazing talent that covers the city’s landscape.

Before leaving I did some research on urban exploration in Berlin and found out about an abandoned mental hospital from WW2, which has beautiful architecture and looked like any photographers playground. The buildings have been fully abandoned since the 90s, however from other sources I saw that much of the hospital equipment and buildings remained completely intact, preserved as it would have been during the wartime period. I couldn’t resist the opportunity so, along with my model, I embarked on a 4-hour mission to try and shoot some of the location.

Unfortunately when we arrived we were unable to get access to any of the buildings due to the windows being boarded up and it generally seeming really unsafe and after trudging through knee deep snow for an hour or so I had to settle for shooting my concept outside. Despite my disappointment at not being able to get in, it was still a very surreal and spooky experience and I am happy with some of the shots I was able to get, as they act as quite a nice souvenir from my most adventurous shoot to date


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