Mama Quilla – Test Shoot 1

March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Images from the first test shoot for the Out of Peru lookbook.

As my photography degree begins to draw to a close, I have chosen to focus my final major project on creating a fashion lookbook for Out of Peru, the jewellery company that I work for. The company sources its jewellery in Peru, promoting local designers over here in the U.K. I am extremely lucky to be working alongside such a promising brand, which prides itself on being fully ethical and aiming to improve the standards of living for these talented young designers, who have previously struggled to become recognised within a global market. You can read more about the company on their website, please do have a look as their collections are beautiful and very unusual.

The concept behind the brand is hugely inspired by the Incan mythology surrounding the moon goddess; Mama Quilla, also known as Mother Moon. She is the protector of women and marriage and the Incans believed that silver was the ‘tears of the moon’ that fell upon the earth. I wanted to create a theme for the lookbook that would celebrate the history and culture of Peru and help to promote the many interesting legends that are associated with the moon goddess.

I was pleased with how the images came out considering it was a test shoot – I am particularly happy with the first image where the model is silhouetted. I love how the necklace has been highlighted against her and I think the reflection creates a striking aesthetic, especially when teamed with the turquoise tint. The concept behind the reflection is my interpretation of the qualities of the lunar surface, an element explored by the designers through the use of textures within their pieces.

A big thank you to my amazing assistant, Ben Brown, who had a huge part to play in creating the whole lighting set up, and also to the make up artist, Ellie Savage, who did a great job creating the look.

Stay tuned for more test shoots and final shoots over Easter, when I will be collaborating with couture designer Omar Mansoor, who has very kindly offered to loan me his stunning gowns, which will compliment the goddess theme perfectly.


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