Tim Walker Interview

May 20, 2011 § 1 Comment

I have just come across an interview for Showstudio with one of my all time favourite fashion photographers, Tim Walker, which couldn’t summarise any better why I am in love with photography.

There is a particular extract of the interview, where he describes:

“…there’s no better feeling in the world for me than getting a good photograph and everything comes together and you look through the viewfinder and there’s a window to something magical. You haven’t seen it before, you’ve seen it slightly before in another way but you see something you haven’t yet caught. It is such a thrill”

I remember having expressed it in a similar way before but he words it so perfectly and for much of this interview it felt like he was voicing my exact thoughts and feelings about photography. I found it truly inspiring and it was a pleasure to have an insight into the mind of a photographer whose work I find so completely spellbinding.

It is almost impossible to pick favourite images of his, as almost all of those which I have seen have touched me in some way, however here are some examples of those which I found particularly powerful.

The collaborations he creates for Vogue with set designers such as Shona Heath are utterly mesmerizing – their combined talent blows me away, forever surprising and enthralling me. I can honestly say that in my opinion, the editorials they create together are one of the most exciting aspects of the fashion photography industry. Even in my wildest dreams I could never begin to touch on the magic they create.

Watch the interview here.

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§ One Response to Tim Walker Interview

  • Annie Marchand says:

    I could not agree more, they are absolutely stunning, ensuring that fashion photography at this level is a true art-form. Annie

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