‘Love Your Life’ Editorial – ‘The Island’

April 7, 2012 § 1 Comment

I was recently featured in an editorial for ‘Love Your Life’, a fashion styling and photography project acting as a platform to promote underground creative talents. Styled and shot by the incredible Riya Hollings, the series of chapters celebrates her muses fantasies and ambitions, beautifully translated into conceptual fashion editorials.

You can see the full editorial and high res images on the Love Your Life blog. It is an amazing project so head over and check out the previous chapters. 


A series of ‘Chapters’ capturing the real creative talents of the underworld. Using expressive style, twisted stories and inspiring muses. A collection of visual fairy tales, with an honest representation of true desire and fantasy.

 Collaborating fashion, film, music and photography. Representing and promoting artists, creative’s and interesting individuals in their rawest forms. Seeking out unique, alternative and beautiful characters.

 Using a selection of the most talented fashion creatives across Hair, Make-up and film, helping me to create these beautiful visions…

“In my fantasy world I am an enchanting nymph who is queen of an exotic hidden paradise. My long tumbling curls are adorned with butterflies and I leave a trail of allure in my wake. I have my own oasis surrounded by a rainforest that is bursting with birds of paradise and other extraordinary creatures, wondrous beyond imagination. There are cascading waterfalls and crystal clear turquoise aquariums, where I live out my days as a water baby. I am surrounded by a tribe of the most beautiful Brazilian jungle men, their gladiator bodies glistening in the sunlight as they bask on the rocks, spellbound by my every move. As night falls, the sky showers stars which they bring to me as gifts, each one fighting for their right to my heart.

‘We live in a rainbow of chaos’

Ever since I can remember I have lived in my own creative bubble. I think and feel with my eyes, engulfed in my own narcissistic visual world. I travel around preoccupied with daydreaming of the great force I one day hope to become. Absorbed by the people, sounds and wonder I encounter, constantly fuelling my creative fire and dancing to the soundtrack of life.

I want to transport people into my imagination through my photographs, providing an insight into the world as it exists through my eyes. I long to travel to the ends of the earth, embarking on adventures just me and my camera, immersing myself in new and exciting cultures; a kaleidoscope of fashion, style and beautiful compelling people, eventually bringing my photographic memoirs home to share. The world is boundless in its creative opportunities and I just can’t wait to get out there and capture it…”


Photography, Styling, Art Direction – Riya Hollings

Models – Zoe Lower & Sydney Lima

Make Up – Rebecca Wordingham

Hair – Nikola Kersten

Film – Andrew Lawson & Finbar Colivet


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